Thursday, October 28, 2010

For Virginia

This is a photo I took a few minutes ago of John and Diana, Diana is a friend of my friend Virginia who lives in Germany. Diana is at present in South Australia and she and her sister and brother in law came down for afternoon tea, lots of chat and it was huge fun. I am so glad Diana managed to get here, at one stage it looked as if it wasnt going to happen but we both thought Virginia would kill us if she didnt manage it.
So all is well and we wont get killed!!
the other photo is one I took a couple of days ago of the lone poplar who lives in the house paddock. I think we planted it the year we were married.
It has been very hot and sticky today, I managed another 2 wheelbarrows of weeds early this morning before the lawns were mown, it all looks so much better, now for the promised rain tomorrow, I need the rain but not on Saturday!
I shopped early too and managed to make a chocolate slice, so I have that, tomorrow I am going to cook, I think an egg and bacon pie and maybe a frittata, that with some roasted chicken and some salad should feed those who forget to bring any food for Saturday. the hens have been laying well so I have eggs.
Another rather unexpected foal born last night, I have been too busy (and aching too much!!) to see it.
Once the cooking is done I will be able to relax and enjoy(? not sure if that is the right thing to say) the week end.
Animals fed, one white wine under my belt, I am off to organise dinner.


virginia said...

I'm so glad it worked out. A lovely picture of Diana and John. What about you? Is there one of you, too? But let's set the record straight! I don't kill anything, not even mice, flies or spiders. I take them carefully outside, and as for killing you and Diana, I certainly wouldn't want to nor know how to. Although I must say I get a surfeit of detective films on ITV 3, especially Miss Marple and M.Poirot!

It's wonderful that Diana came to visit. I'm sure she loved your beautiful garden and the peacocks.

Lots of love to you and John,


Linda said...

Your chocolate slice sounds enticing. Care to share the recipe?