Monday, August 03, 2009

Yesterdays walk,

This is the town side of the Bluff as against yesterdays photos which are of the other less touched side.
I am incredibly lucky to live close to this, a ten minute drive and I am here, although I would dearly love to be able to watch the sea all the time, I think I would miss the farm and so really I have the best of both worlds.
A pair of Pacific gulls were swimming in a very clear pool, there were white horses as I havent seen them for ages on the waves by Wright Island but I think I missed photos of the best ones, click on the photo for a closer look, and these are the rocks right by the end of The Bluff where I nearly drowned 40 odd years ago scuba diving while pregnant.
I have done too much, well I didnt think it was too much but obviously my wretched knee thinks I have, and so I am not terribly comfortable tonight.
I did ironing, standing, and then had a Women's and Children's hospital auxiliary meeting where I stood for longer than I meant to.
Quote for tinight is by Samuel Johnson,

A generous and elevated mind
is distinguished by nothing more certainly
than an eminent degree of curiosity

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Wanda said...

Your view of Petrel Cove is breath captured the enormity of it...really beautiful...I will follow if I may!