Sunday, August 30, 2009

Walking the house paddock

One of the very old Welsh Mountain mares who has been the mainstay of our stud looking very hairy, at 24 is she in foal again or not? Time will tell. With her a last years foal we bought in to get another bloodline.
At the top of the house paddock which is quite steep there is this wonderful pile of logs from a dead tree, lovely textures here.
Then the clouds coming in as I came home, I did get a bit damp on my last few steps to the back gate.
A magpie in a dead tree told me off and I assume there is a nest some where around.So long as he doesnt swoop me I dont mind.
On the dam behind the house I disturbed this little grebe, they are terribly shy and I expected him to dive at any moment. I was a bit far away and the photo is a bit fuzzy.
Still cold and still showers around. I am desperately trying to finish a jacket I am knitting and also some book marks that dont look much but I have sweated over and I know others will have much more fancy ones than mine.
Tomorrow, well go and look here to see what I do tomorrow.
this quote is by Jimmy Zero who I have never heard of

"Risk is what separates
the good part of life from the tedium"


Wanda said...

The Welsh Mountain mare inthe meadow was a lovely photo and I like old dead had a very interesting look to it!

Karen said...

Wonderful photo of the mare, I don't think I've seen a pony/horse with that much hair on it.

Alison said...

What a saggy, hairy pony! Lovely photo