Friday, August 28, 2009

A bit of this and that

I have had a dreadful day, driven up to Adelaide, talked to a not particularly sympathetic woman and seen the room they want to put my mother in in the high care area of the nursing home.
I think my mother will hate it and it is a share room. I have had to talk to my other two sisters, one is on holiday in Broome and she is the one with the power of attorney and our decision was that we would not take it. Well then the blackmail began, if you dont take it and she falls you may not be able to get her back in, and when I finally rang to say we just couldnt take it told me that my mother would never get a private room any way.
I have been upset and had to drive the 1 1/2 hours home and shop etc etc when my brain was realing.
I hope I just drop dead!
So to the photos.
I have made two more beaded buttons, I did these while I was in Melbourne.
The lemon tree by the bedroom door is covered but is in its usual winter state of not many leaves, the geranium maderense leaves are getting bigger and I hope I am home when they flower.
This magnificent red gum is on the edge of the oval at the end of the valley and I have been meaning to take a photo of it for ages and I finally had time yesterday, not the best light but it came up reasonably.
Finally the sea was really rough yesterday morning at Encounter Bay, so much so that there were surfers surfing where normally there would be none. So I took a couple of shots, you can see the white horses in the first one and the second one has The Bluff and Wright Island in the background.
I do feel a bit better after that winge is off my back!
I rather think that tonight's quote is possibly appropriate, certainly I drank tea when I got home.
It is a Chinese saying

"Drink tea and forget the world's noises"


coral-seas said...

I was reading your post, feeling your stress and frustration, until I got to the line "I hope I just drop dead!". :LOL:

Provided you don't mean anytime so, so do I :-)

In the mean time I hope you find a better arrangement for your mum and keep drinking the tea.

Karen said...

I also hope arrangements work out for your mom. I adore my privacy and wouldn't like to share a room either.

Wanda said...

Oh, I feel for you and the choices you have to make concerning your mother...My sisters and I faced the same hard decisions 3 years ago... we chose a nursing home within 5 min. of my home making it able for me to visit her often during the day...Good luck!

annie said...

I am so sorry, Penny, to hear that you are dealing with such an unhelpful nursing home. Christina who writes the Stribergs Station blog, had a bad time with their nursing care for her mother,too, and worked with the local Social Services to get her placed in a better home. The new home is so superior and it was worth the fight to get her changed to it. I do hope that something can be done. My best wishes for you all, and as coral-seas writes, keep drinking the tea.

Penny said...

Thank you all for commenting, my stress level is down a bit now but as I my self am older than some people in this nursing home I worry more and more about what happens to me!!

Robin Mac said...

Gosh Penny, you are not going to be a candidate for a nursing home for a very long time yet! I agree thhough, I would rather just drop dead than have to end up in a nursing home! My mother in law was in one a block away from where we live so I always visited whenever I left home and often argued with staff about the treatment she was or rather was not receiving - good luck with sorting out your mother's room. You are allowed to whinge about stuff like that - have to get it off your chest somehow. Cheers, Robin

ArtPropelled said...

I know how upsetting and exhausting this can be. We went through it with my mom and it's not a time in my life that I would like to repeat. I hope the perfect room becomes available ....and in the mean time drink tea and focus on your holiday.

Gail P said...

Sorry to hear that it hasn't gotten any better with you mom. Mine keeps telling me that she couldn't possibly share a room with a stranger so until she can't take a shower by herself I guess we'll just continue on . . . what can any of us do about old age? Find the fountain of youth I guess! I really stopped by to tell you how much I've enjoyed the photos! I'm thrilled that you keep creating and finding scenes to photograph and sketch!!

Aussie Jo said...

Unfortunately we don't seem to have found the answer to caring for our elderly parents. Of course in many cultures the grandmother becomes the matriarch of the family and the daughter in law just has to look after them!
And you don't have to be elderly, my uncle had a severe stroke in his late fifties and ended up in a nursing home as there was nowhere else, same with young people severely disabled through accident. The answer of course is to have nursing home owners who are not just trying to make money, then the care might improve.
Good luck with finding somewhere suitable for your mum.
Lovely buttons, do you have some instructions on how to make them.