Saturday, August 15, 2009

Today's doings

I am absolutely exhausted, I spent all day tidying one of my work rooms as I have started an on- line lino cutting course and I had no where to cut stuff so one sewing machine has gone into where all my other machines are and now of course that room needs a good tidy, and the pink room has a table that I can get at both sides of, much better.
While I was doing this and it has been a beast of a day far too hot for this time of the year, and high winds and my hay fever is telling me off, any way I suddenly thought I could hear a very heavy vehicle along the road and when I went to look this was flying over head, I was a bit late grabbing the camera but although we see lots of helicopters not usually ones like this.
I have been busy all day but did have a very nice early morning chat with friends at the farmers market and they will be in Paris at the same time we are so we may catch up with them there.

tonight I am again with Rudyard Kipling and The jungle books, this part of the Dirge of the Langurs

"The night we felt the earth would move.
We stole and plucked him by the hand,
because we loved him with the love
that knows but cannot understand"

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