Sunday, August 09, 2009

I cooked, went to lunch and walked

Just to show that on occasion I can cook, we were going to a friends for lunch and I said if she did the salad and provided the wine I would do the rest. So first up was a frittatta with zuccini and dill and then I made a really yummy cake I found in a New Zealand gardening magazine, chopped nuts and chopped dates and chopped apples were part of the ingredients.
Well I have to say that the fritatta with smoked salmon and a dob of sour cream was delicious and the cake oh it is so yummy.
When I have time I will put up the recipes.
We went on from there to an opening of some ones or actually several peoples art, I dont know why some people bother, or perhaps I should be nice and say it wasnt my style.
However the gallery (shed) backed onto a bit of natural bushland and we went walking along a marked trail and there we saw this Kangaroo who posed nicely for me, there were other things as well but they are for another day.
On the way home this kangaroo sculpture was in someones front garden. Sorry the other way around, I hope you can see the roo he is well camouflaged.
Click on the photos.
A lovely damp drizzly day but I have come home rather annoyed I feel so tired.

Today's quote is by Thomas A Edison, I rather like it.

"As a cure for worrying,
work is better than whisky"


BT said...

Oh what a disappointment about the art! Do put up those recipes, that frittata looks gorgeous. And the cake, I love cake with apple. I love your Roo!! Ha ha. And I did spot the one hiding, he is very big. I'm sorry you were so tired and hope you feel more refreshed now.

Wanda said...

Your whole meal looked wonderful, better than the art you went to see probably!

Loved the hiden Kangaroo's even framable!