Thursday, August 13, 2009

Walking behind the house this morning

I needed to try out my knee and try to get some walking in to get some weight off so I headed up the hill it was pretty rough but I did manage a bit over 1/2 an hour.
The first photo is of what we call a Yakka, this one is in flower and you can see the other side of the valley behind it.
Then the view down the hill I have walked up, this lovely gum tree perched on top of the hill with further hills behind, another Yakka, we call them blackboys but its not really politically correct these days.
Finally last years fillies just getting up to see if I was going to feed them. These are a mix of Welsh Mountain and Welsh B.
I am still trying to work out where we will stay in Paris and London, but I have found some reasonable rates so we will have to see if they are still there next week.
My sister rang to say she has pre paid a funeral for our mother. Great!
No rain for the moment and 25 degrees over the weekend a bit scary, ok if we really get some rain at the end of it.
As I am not really in the mood for painting and I usually put a Haiku on the other blog, tonight I will put a Haiku here, this one is by Basho

An old silent pond...
into the pond
a frog jumps,
splash! silence again


ArtPropelled said...

What a beautiful sight to behold.... Rolling farm lands. Wish I could stroll up that hill with you and look out over the hills

Caroline said...

Penny... are these your horses? I had one when I was little, worked on a dairy farm every summer in conneticut! Sending a warm goodnight! going back to drawing, ps... I love your sketches!