Friday, August 07, 2009

Walking early this morning

John had a meeting early in Victor and as I am now being encouraged to walk, but not too far or for too long so I took my camera and wandered along the path towards the Yacht club by the sea and when I came back I found Tabby and Millie crossing the car park. I dont think Millie knew who I was in my peaked cap but I did get a photo and a cuddle eventually.
So here were some photos of my short walk with the odd wave crashing in, the vegetation by the path and the point of Victor in the background.
I took loads of photos so there will be more.I quite like being a tourist in my own town.
We have a combined cycle and walking path that goes all the way around the town and then on through Pt Elliott and Middleton to Goolwa which is wonderful, mostly by the sea so great for those who ride bikes and walkers alike.
today's quote is from Kris Kristofferson and it is the way I feel at the moment.

"Freedom's just another word for
nothing left to lose"

Oh and dont forget my give away ends tonight and I will draw it in the morning.


Wanda said...

You have beautiful scenes to enjoy while walking...I loved the view!

The cute little boy looks sweet and a little shy!

BT said...

Oh I'm so jealous of your seaside, it's beautiful and looks cooling. What a fabulous place to live. I love your photos, especially the shadows.