Tuesday, August 18, 2009

View to the East and Spring flowers and it is still winter

I seem to have spent most of the day sorting out travel stuff. We now have our airline tickets and a bed in Paris.
Tomorrow I go to Adelaide and it will be a long day as I have to take Tabby's partners mother to a specialist visit, collect Tab and Millie and head up and then see my mother, and finally collect Tab's partner from the airport. Some where in the middle I hope to see Paddy.
While I am away I hope John will organise the train tickets to Paris and London and then I hope on Thursday I will have time to find a London hotel. It is amazing how long it all takes.
I did manage a quick wander around the garden and a short walk, so a view looking east from the top of the house paddock and some bulbs and flowers that I found were out while coming up through the orchard.
Quite warm today but we did have 10 ml in the last rain but not a lot more to look forward to this week, and still quite warm.
To nights quote is by Aesop

"No act of kindness,
no matter how small,
is ever wasted."


Robin Mac said...

Love all the flower pictures Penny. Organising a holdiay is hard work isn't it - I have just found a place for us to stay in Queenstown when we visit Tassie in November. Still have to get a hire car and find another place in another part of Tassie - keep puttingit off as it takes too much time. The internet is fabulous for all of this though. Hope you are not too tired after your big trip tomorrow. Cheers, Robin

Shirley said...

OMG!! All flowers are looking tremendous!! Thanks for sharing the pics...