Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Yesterdays frost and this mornings sunrise

I am afraid the sunrise isnt too good but if you double click you may get some idea of how spectacular it was. Yesterdays frost doesnt look all that impressive either but it was cold and although I didnt get a photo I couldnt believe it was on the roof. some plants were burnt but so far most dont look too bad except for the green lillies. but then they always get knocked around in winter and then come good in spring. Today we have gale force winds and although still cold no where near as bad as yesterday, I managed to get some clothes on the line and almost dry, they are now in the sun room which isnt getting a lot of sun. I had my last physio appointment today, he seems pleased with me and I am still to go bn exercising but for a bit longer and only once a day. John took me to lunch, lovely food and a glass of fizz, havent had one for so long, I think I got a bit over heated! We had to stay in town as John had to pick up some stuff from the surgery prior to his colonoscopy in a week or so. Keeping the aged bodies going is never ending.


Barry said...

Hi P - looks like we are sharing quite a cold winter - very unusual for up our way. We have avoided the frosts than goodness. Stay warm and well. B

Robin Mac said...

Whata frost. I am glad not too much damage seems to have been done. Great news about the physio, I hope you feel as good as the physio thinks you are. I feel for John, I hate the preparation for a colonoscopy - much worse than the procedure! I am off for another injection in my eye this afternoon, as you say, aging takes a lot of work! Cheers.