Monday, July 27, 2015

things in the mail

In the mail this morning came a lovely post card from India as I participated in her Solace installation. Thanks India, its great. I also finished off a couple of tags that I made from a Beryl Taylor tutorial, that I found when going through things, fun to do but in gessoing some swing tags from clothes I managed to spill the gesso, luckily not on the carpet but on my desk. Amazing how it goes every where, but I finished these little hand stitched and beaded fronts. Then we walked this morning and as one of the surfers we passed on the cliff top said, "it was an angry sea". so much has changed on the beaches in the last couple of weeks. Great waves and thumping waves, but not good for surfing. Interesting weather.

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Penny said...

How wonderful to walk beside a roiling sea! I can hear the thunder of the waves as I look at your picture.