Saturday, July 11, 2015

This mornings photos

We walked the cliffs near Petrels Cove this morning. According to the weather people we were supposed to be having gale force winds and possible snow on the higher ground. This may still happen or may be happening somewhere else but so far here we had a brisk breeze and it was coolish certainly not as cold as it is when we have a frost. The tide was pretty high so we didnt go down onto the beach as there wasnt much sand to walk on. When I came home I did a quick wander around the house, the little vase of flowers I picked for the kitchen, I dont really know what the purple flower is but it is making a fine show and is about all that is out as well as the little geranium. I remember taking a cutting of that from the garden at Geelong College when I did a textile seminar there years and years ago. It has always pleased me. The orchids are slowly coming out, love the cymbidium in the bathroom and the native dendrobium has added another spike of flowers. Orchids in the sun room but the cymbidiums there are a little slow.I do think we are in for a damp and blustery week but then it is mid winter. So nice to see the sun though.

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Robin Mac said...

Maybe third time lucky! Google seems to have changed the permits since I lat commented and just like making it all harder. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at Christmas in July. Love all your photos as usual. Hope you are not too freezing today - snow is forecast even for South East Qld. We are still quite warm, but apparently will have a rude shock overnight. Cheers