Monday, July 20, 2015

workshop with Grizella Warburton

I have just had a wonderful 3 day workshop over in Goolwa with Grizella Warburton , she is a lovely mixed media textile tutor and artist from the UK. These are a few of our samples, nothing finished, still more stitching to be done and others to work on. I found it a great design and composition class and it made me think, realize I didn't have enough contrast in the fabric I had painted and prepared, but it was also fun. Although I am starting to realize that I am getting older and it takes me longer to sort things out! Had a great time meeting go old friends and also making new ones in J's lovely house. This morning was rather interesting, -3 degrees and a frost on the roof, haven't had one of those for a very long time. No shower as the pipes were frozen. I have some photos but they are in my camera and I am tired, 3 days of concentration have caught up with me.Ready for a small sleep in tomorrow, 7 am instead of 6.30 and not as cold I hope.


Robin Mac said...

I love those samples of yours. What an interesting sounding workshop, but very exhausting I imagine. I hope you post those photos of frost on the roof - there was even frost like that up the Pioneer Valley behind us. Thank goodness we were not quite as cold as that! Cheers

Barry said...

P - the workshops can just give such a lift and inspiration. Great work in the making. B