Friday, July 24, 2015

Two days of walks

Actually with a gap in between as we were in Adelaide all day yesterday.There were 8 of this little plovers on the beach, more than normal and they were showing not a lot of inclination to fly. I loved this naked sea urchin sitting in amongst the sea weed, this was on Wednesday. this morning we walked along the cliffs, always a bit different, looking down on Petrels' Cove with the waves rolling in steadily and no sand, or not much on the beach. I rather liked these two small posts on the cliff edge. It was cool and we missed a heavy shower of rain. More showers for the next couple of days, we had a light frost yesterday morning. A lovely trip to town, had our hair cuts and went to one of the best exhibitions I have seen for ages at the Art Gallery called treasure Ships, following the race to bring spices back to Europe. I bought the most expensive book but it is very well done and there were some lovely textiles in it as well as other nice design features. Saw my friend P and my sister so all in all a good day.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Sounds a lovely day - and you certainly got some good photographs.

Hildred said...

Your pictures are always so lovely, Penny, - love the blues and the sandy beach.