Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I love give aways and very rarely win them but this time... so my heartfelt thanks to Jackie Bowcutt of Stitchworks blog in the UK for this glorious little stitchery. Love, love it. Then from Barry metalworker in Queensland I was so pleased to win this lovely pendant made from recycled metal and filled with resin and two of his little words stamped into recycled metal as well. I think I begged for these. Brightened up a generally dull and cold day with showers going through all the time, so many that I only fed the chooks and hardly stuck my head out all day, although we did try to go in for a walk, tried yesterday too. I need to walk as my visit to the doctor yesterday was rather depressing, my sugar levels are up, again, I have been so good not eating, off the grog, didnt seem to matter and of course the walking has been a bit sporadic. Maybe I will get some form of exercise machine, but then John wont go walking with me. Im on another pill, this one may help me lose weight, might do other nasty things too. We will see. Seems so unfair that I became a diabetic because some wretched virus decided to attack my pancreas. The older I get the harder it all becomes and ... no we wont go there. So thank you so much for making my day so much better, Barry and Jackie.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Penny - I often feel less than well with the advancing years - but we have to keep calm and carry one don't we. I love those two lovely gifts - lucky you.

Jo Murray said...

Lovely Penny. Barry is a fave with me too.