Friday, July 03, 2015

dressed dollies

Here are some not at all good photos of the dolls who are now dressed. All varieties of Raggedy Anne. I like the large one the least. Walking yesterday before I had to see my shoulder specialist, we went over the Inman River trac and I took this photo of the tide coming in at the mouth. It was very cold and is even colder today, a nice day to do the shopping and now do some sewing by the fire. I had a cooking afternoon yesterday, no photos, silly me but I made pea soup, shepherds pie and a boiled fruit cake to take with me up to Mambray Creek on Monday. We had the soup for lunch today and it was pretty good and the remains of the shepherds pie will be for tonights dinner, it tasted pretty good last night. So sad that the coach of the football team I follow was murdered in the early hours of this morning, a terrible loss. I do hope all of those in the northern hemisphere are coping with the heat, or that it has got cooler.


Robin Mac said...

I love all your Raggedy Ann dolls Penny. Have a good time next week.
That was shocking news about the coach, I really feel for his wife.
Enjoy sitting by the fire, it is even a bit cold here today.Cheers

Penny said...

Darling dolls!! We're very fortunate where we live that the heat hasn't penetrated YET! Our friends and family on the western side of the country are suffering mightily. They also need rain desperately.

Jo Murray said...

You are so clever! LOVE the small one without the apron. I'm AWOL lately be3cause of a problem with my asthma (which I hope will be resolved soon)

shirley said...

love your Raggedy Anne dolls Penny, I went through a phase with them a few years ago and made one for each of the daughters and their daughters too. Had a lot of fun.

Hope your visit to the doctor goes well.

Winter has begun for us here now. Enjoy your visit next week. Pea and ham soup is a staple in my house in winter....have recently made a big batch for the freezer...alas like you no photos.