Saturday, July 25, 2015

Winter on the farm

We didnt have a very satisfactory beach walk this morning, too much soft sand and sea weed so when I came home I took Max for a walk down to see the ponies who are near by. I did take my stick with me as I find walking in rutted paddocks not very nice and the stick gave me more security. I took photos of some of the ponies, weanling colts and brood mares in two different paddocks, as well as some of the mud, probably not as much as I thought there would be as we have had a lot of wind, which didnt really make for a pleasant walk but has dried out some of the areas. Of course wherever cows have been they pug things up. Back inside now and listening to it roaring around the house, the wind I mean. Off to do some hand sewing.


Penny said...

Lovely pictures! Your winter pastures are quite green, whereas ours often turn brown.

Robin Mac said...

I keep looking at the weather map for your area and commiserating, the isobars are always so close together! At least you seem to be getting some rain. Have fun with the hand sewing. Cheers