Thursday, July 16, 2015

Over to Goolwa this norning.

We were just about of wood for the fire and the chainsaw was over at Goolwa being fixed and there was an lovely exhibition on over there too that was about to close so we decided to walk there as well. The chain saw needed more parts, the exhibition was lovely, all small collections and the walk was dry and interesting. I love walking along there, and at this time of the year not many people around. I love these silly moor hens, and the boats so many all battened down for winter or people working on them. Being a very old part of South Australia and the river port at the end of the river Murray there are some interesting old houses, one that took my fancy and the lovely gated boardwalks down to the boats. Walked too far and I came home rather shattered but also enthused. double click to enlarge photos.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

We have a moorhen with six babies (balls of fluff) on our beck at present. They are so vulnerable and I wonder how many she will actually raise to maturity.