Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekly stitch

A week of cold, sometimes wet, blowing winds, sitting by the fire, seeing a whale, shopping and finally for half a day the sun came out.Poor old Tuppy the pug had to be put down, the house we wondered about at the bay and the lovely orchid John bought for me. I did a lot of hand sewing and reading as well. today I have been up to Adelaide to collect my older sister and bring her home. Once upon a time I didnt mind these round trips to Adelaide but these days it makes my shoulder hurt and then I get tired. Thank goodness I had made a big pot of soup so we had that for lunch with some fresh brown bread.


Suztats said...

So sorry to read about old Tuppy. I am sure you miss him very much. Hope the winter is not too cold. Did you have a nice visit with your sister?

Jo Murray said...

It's sad about Tuppy. A big bowl of hot soup sounds great to me...winter's hit at last.