Saturday, July 12, 2014

A bit of loveliness

John brought home this beautiful orchid for me after his meeting on Thursday, I have always wanted a moth orchid and this is just beautiful, wether I can keep it alive is another thing of course. We walked this morning over at Pt Elliot, it was rougher with the wind coming in from the south east and although there had been reports of two whales with new born calves they were not to be seen, I imagine that they had moved off shore a bit with the huge waves coming in. It was a lovely walk though and I came home ready to tackle a bit more house cleaning, why is it that when some one is coming to stay one feels one should really do a deep clean? Of course now my shoulder doesnt like me and it is cold and damp and not very nice outside, although they are threatening frosts the clouds will need to clear before that happens. I think I have worked out the food for the next few days, it is my sister who is coming to stay and she hasnt been down for quite a few years. I am looking forward to it. I have been enjoying the odd moment reading by the fire, all this getting rid of books means that old favorites have been re discovered, a bit of regency romance with Georgette Heyer, bought in 1956 I see, when I was just a young and impressionable teenager wanting to be swept off my feet! Such fun and the excuse is my aching shoulder.

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Jo Murray said...

I rather enjoy the prospect of houseguests these's the only time my house gets a 'proper' clean. Bring them on occasionally I say.