Monday, July 28, 2014

Another week in stitch

A bit of a mixed week this time. We did quite a bit of walking, I had rather a miserable week, I know why but I am keeping it to myself at the moment. Oscar had to go to the vet to have his immunisation and the poor old car broke down! I made a delicious chicken and leek pie, then a couple of not much happening days. We walked but I felt so tired I did a lot of sitting and sewing, trying to make some stuff to take to the Melbourne retreat next month and dont have a lot of time between Queensland and Melbourne to do it in. Off to see my specialist for my 12 month review of my knee.


Jo Murray said...

Hope it's nothing serious Penny. Good luck with the knee.

Barry said...

Hi P - reading about your week and following the stitches just made so much sense. Hope you are on the mend. Peace. B

Hildred said...

Pie looks sparkling, - sun looks rather sad...enjoy your stitching Penny. Hope all is well with you.