Sunday, July 13, 2014

One small doll finished, walking on the other side of the Peninsular

I have finished one of the little dolls, they were supposed to be angels but this one told me she didnt want to be an angel at all, so here she is, finished, two more to make. We went over to the Gulf side of the Peninsular this morning, to deliver some more books and walk on the beach, which was a bit abortive as the creek was running fast and wide, too wide to get across easily so we did a short circuit and saw this rather wonderful piece of wood buried in the sand, took a photo of what remains of the jetty, the tide was very low as you can see, when I was a child this jetty went a long way out but bad storms over the years have reduced it to this. These days I think in summer it is used mostly to sit under to get some shade. It is always nice to go over there, as a child I spent so much of my childhood holidays in this area. Came home to be told our booking over Christmas on Kangaroo Island has been double booked, the fact that we made the booking as we left last year and we have had it for about 10 years makes no difference to agents. I feel quite upset as we are always over there for Christmas, I dont feel like trying another house as I know what I need for this one and it suits us, I suppose we will have to look at going earlier and having Christmas and birthdays at home, somehow it wont be the same. There are enough upsets in my life at the moment without this. Sorry, rant over.


virginia said...

Where is this, Pen? Do I know it?
Sorry about Kangaroo Island and Christmas. Such a nuisance.
Lots of love,

Jo Murray said...

Love your doll...and the jetty. I find it extraordinary that you would be denied the booking if you've had the same place for 10 years. They surely could have told the other renters that THEY were double-booked. I'd be disappointed too.

Barry said...

P - love that piece of wood - did you manage to carry it home for a future project? B