Sunday, July 06, 2014

Parsons and Waitpinga Beaches

Something a little different this morning, we decided to go out to the look out above Parsons Beach, it is rather rough and rocky and I didnt think I should walk down to the beach but there were people fishing off the beach, John had the binoculars out to see if they were catching anything, they were. Then we went along the top of the cliff using a part of the Heysen trail to see the other side of the bluff and look back over Waitpinga beach, more people fishing and a lone surfer. We were quite high up so the waves looked very different to a few days ago when we were on one of the closer beaches. These are good surfing and surf fishing beaches, but they have their dangers as well, sharks and big seas and rips, not suitable for ordinary swimming. All surrounded by a small national park. I love these beaches and they are only about 20 minutes from home. I am making small cloth dolls at the moment, after a damp night it is almost too warm to sit in the sun room, crazy weather. Off to feed the hens and the dogs and Oscar, who has been complaining about no fresh fish, I am too, I hope the fishing team are all well enough to come together soon.

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Jo Murray said...

There's nothing like a walk each day to keep you mobile Penny. You have such spectacular scenery. We walk every day, but only around our neighbourhood... tame by comparison.