Friday, July 25, 2014

Miserable week

I dont like to post that I have had a miserable week, but I have, the body doesnt like me and I am aching badly. Hope for a better one next week and that Queensland will be fun. I am trying to get things organised to go and set things up for the house sitter, a big job! The clouds this morning as I drove home from shopping were quite spectacular. we did actually manage a couple of walks this week one to Pt Elliot where the track to the beach looked lovely with the wattles starting to come out. Our walk along the beach at Encounter Bay produced this lovely big, live rough turban, he got thrown back into the water and I hope he survives. I have seen smaller ones of this shell often but not the really big ones on the beach, we used to see them in our diving days. The sun room is the place to find a few flowers at the moment and is lovely when the sun comes out, which hasnt been often lately. I have been playing with some tags, stamps and die cuts, I thought I had done the wrong thing buying these memory craft dies at the craft show as I couldnt get them to work on my cuttlebug but a bit of research on what combination of plates to use has meant that I think my going out to buy a sizzix in a fury may have been the wrong thing to do! Ah well it may have some advantages I dont know about. Off to sew some pin backs on my flowers as I have just discovered that it is expected that participants at the art retreat in Melbourne in August are expected to take something to exchange, not sure how many I will have or if they they will be the sort of thing but it is what I have a few of at the moment. Oh and I forgot about Oscar, he is spending a lot of this miserable weather curled up on the chair by the fire.

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Jo Murray said...

Sorry the body is letting you down fun. Still you really enjoy the beauty around you. Love your outdoor room.