Monday, July 07, 2014

A week in stitch, more flowers and a walk

Here is my week in stitch, the weather on the whole has been pretty rough but we did manage walks most days, I get a bit bored with my stick figures so they dont always make it to the stitch process, Oscar is sitting there with a cheeky mouse beside him, not that we have mice in the house but we do have them outside. The tree branch that blocked the road for us, I have been sewing, flowers and doll bodies and we walked along the top of the cliffs near Parsons Beach and there were a lot of small birds around after what flowers there were on the stunted little gum trees. As you can see the flowers are getting smaller, any scrap is used, I have a few ideas apart from brooches for these. As we walked this morning, we had walked on the beach but to get back to the car we walked along the path as it was easier on my knee and Johns hip. we discussed how old this house on the sea front might be, it is now surrounded by other 2 story houses but I remember it as the only one and we thought perhaps it was pre war, most of the little fibro beach shacks have been torn down and fancy 2 story duplexes are going up in their place. I just liked the view across to the causeway with the yacht near by. One day I might paint this if I ever have time. Off to finish dusting.


Hildred said...

I thought of you yesterday, Penny, when I was devouring a wonderful catalogue of the 2014 MAIWA Textile Symposium to be held in Vancouver this fall. There are workshops very reminiscent of your sweet weekly stitchery - - Tilleke Schwarz and Janet Bolton are a couple of the artists.

Jo Murray said...

LOVE the cat and tiny mouse.