Friday, July 13, 2012

Winter weather

 It has been a fairly changeable couple of days, typical of winter.
Thank goodness we didnt have the thunder and lightening or the hail of yesterday in some parts of the State. The Barossa valley looked as if it had snowed the hail was so thick and a 17 year old was struck by lightening in Adelaide and is in a serious condition.
Here we have had a bit of welcome sun, then some showers, and more is expected tonight so they say, I am never quite convinced that the weather bureau knows what it is talking about, looking outside could be more reliable.
I picked some of the cootamundra wattle flowers and brought them in for a bit of summer sun inside, it doesnt like the heat so wont last long but it is so nice to see something cheerful.
This morning Max and I walked right up to the end of the race at the top of the house paddock and on, and I took a few photos of him, and the clouds and then as I was coming back down the hill there were two foxes, Sarah was feeding and they took very little notice of her, I know the one I took the photo of is a male and we are pretty sure it was a young vixen in season as they were romping and playing, of course we interrupted their fun. You cant see it but the male has a white tip to his tail which makes him pretty distinctive.
It was a lovely walk.
I just hope they didnt notice that I had let my chooks out.
I am trying to get some sewing done but I cant find some material I am looking for and so I have come to a standstill, so now I am rethinking, we will see what eventuates.

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PamelaB said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I have done these paintings over a few months so haven't been that busy. Like you I have various ailments that restrict my activities, although you seem to overcome yours very well. I enjoy reading your blog your life and countrside are so different to mine.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Penny you have amazing landscapes and you capture magically.

I love that little fox and the tail straight out behind.

Hildred and Charles said...

For winter you have amazingly pleasant weather. It is 40 degrees C here right now at supper time, - Charles whinges about being cold in the house with the AC on, but I am heartless and hand him a sweater!

ArtPropelled said...

Eek..I'm so behind with my blog reading. What a beautiful day! I'm amazed to see the fox and your photos are lovely.