Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My morning, a few new pieces

 As you can see, it is muddy and still foggy, Max and I walked as far as the race near the top of the house paddock and decided that we really didnt need to go any further. the fog has now lifted but it is cold and grey.
My rubber boots are uncomfortable to walk in so I used my normal comfortable walking shoes and came home with my jeans almost wet to the knees and my socks and shoes soaked. There is some good growth in the paddock even though the cows were in there not long ago.
Thank goodness for the fire which runs permanantly at this time of the year.
I met up with blogger Mieke at the Nambour garden Xpo and came home with some of her lovely pieces. Imagine my surprise when I went to place Mia on the shelf with the other chooks and found a suspiciously similar one, underneath, yes signed Mieke, I think maybe I picked her up in a lovely gallery on Bribie Island a year or so ago.
I do love chooks and birds, and so here is a wall hanging of Mieke's as well and then in the post today, came this wonderful quilted wall hanging that I won in a give away from Jackie Bowcott of Stitchworks blog, I love the madness of it!
I have been tidying up, trying to find space to play, and potting up a couple of  bromeliad pups.
I rather think there is a lot more to do but at least I have made a start and I can now see the dining room table top.
Now to clear space on a workroom tabled, and perhaps find some rusted chain and try Fionas method with tea on paper, hmm, sure we had some old snow chains somewhere, off to look.

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Robin Mac said...

Sorry you have gone home to unpleasant weather, but you do need the rain. The chooks are so quirky and make me want to laugh. I hope you find some playtime soon. Cheers.