Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lovely new books

 It is pouring with rain and very cold and our house which doesnt hold the heat well when it is windy is cold.
Consequently my joints are aching.
I have been a good girl and been into town and shopped, staggered home and tidied up, Mason was staying with Sarah so I had a chat to him he is such a sweet child, a shame they have to grow up.
Any way these books arrived in the past two days and I have been having a lovely time reading them, not doing much just reading them but books are forming in my brain and I want to get on with a bit more stamp cutting.
The piece of fabric is one I did using calico and dmuslin painted with gesso and newspaper headlines and then oil stick rubbed on top, I have heat set it but am waiting for the smell to go away before I stitch.
 I have also got this far with a challenge to make some pages using this sort of thing as the background and then dressing the girl.
Well I have got this far although having the pieces photocopied locally was not much of a succes  so I have cut the A3 in half and done it on my machine, still not madly succesful but at least I have got this far.
I am knitting a small owl, doing a bit of stitching and generally not doing anything terribly constructive, I did manage to make the soup and I think tonight we will have braised lamb shanks, cant believe the price of them, when we killed our sheep they were dog bones!
I am not sure if my sizing is right.
I am to have new glasses! After 5 years these old ones needed an up grade, not much but a bit, I had terrible trouble finding a pair I liked at a price I liked!
Another pair of red ones will soon be on my face. I loved the red ones I have now, I hope I love the new pair as well.
Back to warm up before donning all the outdoor wet weather gear to feed the hens etc.

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Hildred and Charles said...

I loved your post, Penny. So full of all the creative things you do. And of course, the great pile of books!!!! I see some very inviting ones.

Julie said...

Your books look fantastic, Penny!!! I hope you love your new red glasses...I have had 4 pair made in the last 2 years (defective crap)...and I never once came upon any red glasses to select. I am looking forward to the next time, so I can look again! I think I like bright yellow ones also!

Take care, and stay warm. So funny, because it is so dang blasted HOT here! We are all dying and staying indoors!

Linda said...

Sorry to hear the weather is not pleasant Penny, but at least you can keep yourself well occupied inside. Love that first book, going to have to investigate that one!! I do hope you like your new glasses. I was very sad when my lovely bronze frames broke, but still haven't gone to have a new eye test, making do with 'chemist' ones till I find the courage to face the cost again!! Take care, soup will help.

Unknown said...

I bought the same new book - on making books in Fitzroy, Melbourne when we visited in February. I Love it although have yet to try some.

Unknown said...

I bought the same new book - on making books in Fitzroy, Melbourne when we visited in February. I Love it although have yet to try some.