Monday, July 30, 2012

The weather is foul

 and I have a horrible cold.
As you can see from the wet peacock taken through the kitchen window, hence the fly screen you can see him through.
I did hop out for a minute to take the view up the valley, it seems as if it has been like this for days.
This is where our weather comes from the west.
I must admit there have been a few bright bits of sun but mostly this is what it is like.
I havent been outside and Max keeps whining at the door.
John tells me its terribly wet and slippery out there.
I have not felt at all well, but perhaps I am turning a corner, yesterday I spent all morning in bed, I am on some magic pills the chemist recommended and they are supposed to make things better quicker. I can only hope so.
I have been surrounded by family with colds so I suppose thinking I wouldnt get it was me being hopeful. Two colds in a matter of weeks is not on.
My trip to Mambray Creek has to be cancelled, and I was so looking forward to it, and I feel I have let people down by not being able to collect J from the plane and take her up today.
In between snuffles and sniffles I did finish this little knitted owl, there was a bit of unpicking to be done as my brain didnt seem to be working all that well.
I have done some drawing and a bit of painting, nothing spectacular, and I think I have a mouse in my workroom cupboard so that has to be sorted out. Oscar keeps the mice out when he is here but when he has to go to the cattery they immediately come in, not as bad as my grand daughter whose cat came in to show her the live rat he had caught!!
Well off to see if I can find that mouse.

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Hildred and Charles said...

sorry about your cold, Penny. You have been keeping yourself busy with nice, creative things, but I can see the weather is really lousy. Poor bedraggled peacock...

Barry said...

P-does look pretty foul - the combination of cold, fog and rain just makes us all sad - wishing a couple of sunny days for you - and best of luck with the mouse. B