Monday, July 23, 2012

Seals, sky and Oscar

 I was going to Adelaide today to spend it with P but John wasnt feeling well enough to go to an all day workshop so we stayed home.
I decided to go over to Goolwa to see the NZ fur seals that were reported to be at the Goolwa barrage, so having got the mail and papers I headed over to goolwa and as there was hardly any one there I had a lovely time taking photos, there was a barrage open and water was flowing strongly.
During the drought these young males had taken up residence at the Murray mouth but have now decided that there is a lovely wooden structure to lie on and plenty of fish going out. They were not the only ones fishing as there were several grebes diving in and out of the flow of water.
If you double click on the photo you should be able to see where I was on the map and the extent of the Murray Darling watershed.
I headed around to Goolwa beach for a take away coffee there at the small cafe, would have liked lunch but thought I had better come home and there was Oscar, where I had left him earlier in the day! In front of the fire.
I had a busy week end, a nice one,well bits of it were, caught up with friends over coffee on Saturday, and yesterday went to a 5 hour seminar in a freezing cold under cover, but not heated! horse menage in the Adelaide hills, I came home so tired I fell asleep in my chair before I had to make dinner.
I suppose it was worth it but I got terribly cold and I had driven Sarah up who is still recovering from a cold and I am not sure it made her any better either.
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