Thursday, July 05, 2012

Maleny to Rainbow Beach

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Yesterday we drove up from the Gold Coast to Maleny where we had lunch and a wander around until we found our way to Barry Smith of Rustnstuff blog and his partner Fiona whose blog at the moment i cant recall (I had to finish the red wine for lunch!!) but she does calligraphy and books while Barry does metal manipulations and brilliant both of them are. I came away with my brain buzzing, probably unfortunately in too many directions, but it was oh so stimulating to see their lovely house and workrooms (studios) Barry looked ok after his heart problems but admitted to being tired after we left. We tried to catch up with Jo Murray who paints the most interesting stuff, her blog is I think Jo Murray Studios, I am typing this under difficulties, and she left me the most amazing small painting. In Barry and Fiona's house I sort of caught up with Robin Gordon as they have an exquisite example of her carving, talk about lusting after something! It was so beautiful. The joys of blogs and meeting like minded and interesting people. A photo of J, Fiona, Barry and john, not the best but a lovely memory, I think somewhere is the photo of their coffee bushes too. Then on to Rainbow and catching up with M and S, photo of J and M walking the beach this morning, I found some lovely shells but my walking is still rather slow, beautiful to be there, so photos of waves, the coloured sands, view from M and S balcony last night, I did get a sand fly bite but found that ti tree oil stops the itch, thank goodness. M's garden and a small shot of the interior that I could see from the deck. We are having a wonderful holiday, at last we are both relaxing, hope those are reading this are enjoying it as much as we are! Double click to enlarge the photos.


ArtPropelled said...

I'm quite envious of your visit to Fiona and Barry's studio. The view from their deck must be so beautiful. Thanks for the kind words about my carving. I can see you are having a lovely time.

shirley said...

I so enjoyed seeing the photos of Rainbow Beach and is a lovely spot. Glad the sandflies did not bother you.

Barry said...

P- you are packing a lot into the trip - so many places and experiences. It was so good to finally have you visit. But next time there needs to be time to beat some metal and create the odd bit of art. Or maybe based on our conversation about your rust piles and hidden EPNS etc - we might need to visit you - I could bring trusty metal work tools and we could create at your place. Continue to enjoy the beach etc. Go well. B