Saturday, July 07, 2012

the last two days

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M and S have a pool table at Rainbow Beach, I dont play pool but John and J do and here is a shot of them, J about to wipe John out, they have played pool against each other for years, and judging by the shrieks of laughter enjoy it, although the eye sight is getting worse. Here is a shot of a new corner I hadnt seen before in M,s lovely garden, she has used a lot of different coloured bromeliads and it works so well up here. A little bit of the country around Amamore where friends live, such a lovely spot, and then finally the Nambour Showgrounds, taken as I struggled up the hill, not realising what a very long walk we would have to the car. I was silly and didnt take any photos of the magnificent plants for sale, there were so many people it was difficult to get my camera out. did I say it was the big garden Xpo? A lovely spot but in a hollow and parking was at a premium and we all got rather hot and bothered. Today, go to my other blog, on my side bar, to see what we did.


Gwen Buchanan said...

What fun you have..

Hildred and Charles said...

It sounds like a lovely holiday. I went to your other blog and was very impressed with your beautiful circle pattern/pictures.... Hope you got home with all your purchases.