Sunday, July 15, 2012

Walking this morning at Pt Elliot

 In between the showers we had a lovely walk.
No whales but we did see a seal raising a flipper and slowly doing what ever seals do. An occasional big swell andgenerally very pleasant to be out and about again.
I did walk twice today, once with Max and got my feet soaked.
It has been very cold and showery, typical winters day I think.
We went out last night with friends to a Bastille themed dinner, the food was excellent but unfortunately we were sitting right next to an amplifier, and I was the one next to that and although the lass singing Piaff type songs was good, her background music wasnt, far too loud and drowned out her voice a lot of the time so I ended up with ringing in my ears and feeling a bit unwell.
Too old obviously and not used to such loud music!
I am still playing with me free motion sewing people and having fun, and a few other things are getting under way which is good. I get depressed if things are not going right and the weather is depressing enough at the moment.
We are trying to sort out our trip to Darwin, having decided not to do a European trip this year, or possibly next, we are looking at where and what we would like to do closer to home.
I am not prepared to go on a long trip until I feel my health is better, so maybe we wont ever get back, it is still nice to dream.
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Julie said...

I will be praying you get your European vacation as soon as you can feel better...I know you will.
xoxo- Julie