Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We left sunshine for fog

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We left sunshine and warmth and tropical colour, the lower left photos, for fog, rain, grey skies and its cold, I took the others this morning. The house was like an ice house when we got home, a fire and heaters on to get a bit of warmth, a loaf of bread on and dinner prepares. Max was so excited to see us and this morning when I took his photo he was roaring around the paddock like a mad thing. Then I discovered that the freezer had started to defrost, so a mad panic to make soup, rearrange things and throw out some stuff. Luckily the other freezer is ok but the one I use most must have had a seal not working as most is still ok but it is not what I needed after 2 weeks away, so I have still not got the washing on, but other things are slowly being done. Double click on the photos to enlarge, more from the back paddocks Barry! Not going to make this a long post, too much to do, but just to say we had a wonderful time away, just wish our weather was a bit more welcoming.

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Linda said...

Hope you manage to rescue all the food in time, what an ordeal. Pity about the weather, but at least you had a lovely time away. Take care, and stay warm.