Friday, July 27, 2012

Walking this morning

We had a lot of rain overnight and all the creeks were up but had mostly gone down by morning, it is so wet and soggy underfoot and the grass is green but it looks so lovely, the only trouble is the long term forcasts seem to think we will have a long hot dry summer, I do hope they are wrong..
The lemon tree is having an over abundant crop of lemons this year too, I think it got a fright when we had to put in a new drain near it last year, hardly a lemon then.
The almond tree is also in full flower, I keep meaning to find a tree that also is in flower so it will have almonds but there is never one close by and all the ones I saw the other day were on the wrong side of a busy road I really didnt feel like trying out my luck.
I know we are still in August but the days are getting a little longer and there are early signs of Spring.
My stitches are out and although in time, what they cut got anything to show for it yet.
It has been fun though.
Suddenly here is another week end coming, I am heading up to Mambray Creek on Monday, collecting a friend from the airport on the way, and am having to think of what to take with me to play with. I will be back on Friday and John will be home trying to keep things here going.
I am going to cook over the week end so he has something to eat, and some things to take with me as well.
Have a lovely week end.
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