Saturday, December 24, 2011

This mornings wander

We were due to look at a border collie bitch I might have taken on to replace Jake, she was lovely a brown and white, but far too long haired for me. We have a wicked grass seed problem at home and it wasnt fair on the dog.
So we had a bit of a wander, along Redbanks and these are photos I took, mostly looking towards Kingscote from across the bay.
we also wandered over to a new venture on the Island, KI
Spirits, very interesting anf bought an interesting bottle with orange and ginger. I hope they do well.
I am on the computer, the rest are sleeping. wine in the middle of the day has that affect.
I am playing with a Jude Hill style father Christmas and am having fun quietly stitching. Not sure if it will get done before tomorrow, but that doesnt matter.
Off to drinks tonight, its all go here.
Seasons greetings to you all, just incase I dont get to blog tomorrow (I am the cook but we have hot duck at night, not at midday).
To those in the cold and snow, enjoy my sun filled beaches and vistas. It is what I know and call Christmas time.

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Doreen G said...

Merry Christmas Penny.

Downunderdale said...

Merry Christmas Penny - enjoy that lovely space

Anonymous said...

Christmas was good and I do appreciate the beaches :)

Hope you had a great Christmas as well.