Friday, December 16, 2011

Not a lot of time

I made a collage of the last few days, a new foal, photo of one of the mares and the older palomino foal taken on a walk,( a walk that ended up in agony as my toe was so sore but at least I managed a walk) The other reason to walk was to go down and get some of the tortured willow to hang the birds I found in the bottom of the Christmas decoration box, now in the sun room, an especially sun room type of decoration, not necessarily Christmassy.
The Lilies I found flowering all by themselves in the depths of the garden and had to pick and bring inside and the large Father Christmas who I made a few years ago and who I love with his bright red scarf, looking suitably wintry although here it is warming up.
Rain and thunderstorms forecast for the next few days, the crossing to Kangaroo Island on Sunday morning could be interesting, but then it always is.
Yesterday was Adelaide and delivering a few presents, this morning, more present delivery and a doctors visit and a bit of shopping.
The car, my car, not Johns ute is playing up and as we need it for 3 people on the Island it had to go to the mechanic to see what is wrong.
Now I am home and trying to think of packing, organising tonight's dinner ( roast chicken) John has gone to Adelaide again to collect J off the plane.
I was quite relieved to here that my blood pressure was ok, although my diabetic stuff has gone up, partly stress, partly not able to exercise, partly the cortisone. My GP patted me on the shoulder and said, its Christmas, dont worry about dieting until the New Year. By then I may be the size of a giant balloon.
Once we are settled I will be able to blog from the Island, although I will be glad when we are there, we have last minute problems with the house sitter, but she will be here, just a bit distracted I think.
I hope every one is having fun with the lead up to Christmas, sometimes I would love to live where there is snow, but we get used to hot or at the moment beautiful days in the lead up to it.
There will be roast duck for dinner with us, cold something for lunch and a walk on a beach whatever the weather.
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Hildred and Charles said...

Lovely pictures enlarged, Penny. I think your tortured willow must be akin to what we call curly willow, - Charles planted about fifty of them along the driveway going to our hillside house. My sympathy about your poor sore toe, - take care and have a merry time on the Island.

Wanda..... said...

All your 'doings' in preparing for your traditional trip to Kangaroo Island has a familiar Christmasy feel for me, Penny. Love reading of it and all the gifts you make. Lovely little birds in a tree in the sun room!

annie said...

Sorry about your toe, Penny, but congratulations for the new foal. Those births are rejuvenating for all of us. I love to see photos of your sun room because I am just nuts about wicker. Kangaroo Island sounds wonderful and I am glad you will be sharing it with us on your blog.
Merry Christmas to you and John.