Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last walk for 2011

It is very hot today so an early start turning on hoses and going to the market and then a walk along the cliff top near the Bluff as I had forgotten my shoes and only had sandals, I cant get the silver that is still on my foot wet with salt water so better to be safe than sorry.
It was re3ally warm even at a bit after 9 am but sunbathers and surfers were out on the very small swell. Beautiful morning, I dont think I have ever seen so many boats out or waiting to go out but then it is summer holidays.
We retreated home under the air con, me to do some tidying up in my work rooms until it got too hot in those places that air doesnt get too terribly easily. John is doing accounts, j is reading and sleeping.
Tonight we are having take away pizza and salad and summer pudding made from the first mulberries of the season, bliss! Last night we sat outside under the pergola, I hope we can again tonight. I doubt if we will see the New Year in though.
I dont make too many wishes these days for the new year, my word this year is survive, and a hope that it is better than last year, no new health worries and and end to some of the ones that are there, but the older we get I think we just have to be grateful that every day we awake and find we are breathing and in not too much pain.
To try out many new ideas and perhaps get better at some old ones. Perhaps the most important for next year is to be happy with whatever I do, and dont expect too much! That sounds a bit boring doesnt it.
To all my blog readers,(if there are any out there!) Have a happy, fulfilling and enjoyable 2012.
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Doreen G said...

I hope you and John and the family have a wonderful new year Penny.

ArtPropelled said...

Happy New Year Penny! Wishing you good health in particular. A huge storm is brewing here so at least the temperature is dropping and whether we wish the new year in or not remains to be seen. I have a feeling we will be without power!

annie said...

Not at all boring, Penny. Your wishes are best way I know to deal with our lives and the sudden corners that we suddenly turn.

Happy New Year to you and John and more comfortable days ahead for you in 2012.