Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pristine beaches and avian delights

I hope you can enlarge this and enjoy.
we are having the best of times, there are two beaches here, my favorite, well for today, is pennington Bay, the most incredible colour of the sea and fascinating rocks, today it was d'estrees bay, wild and lovely.
We went there after going to the raptor display, always good, here a barn owl who is really the star, a tawny frogmouth, a wedge tail eagle and a lovely little nankeen kestrel, some fly, some you can pet and I know, owls are not raptors but does it really matter?
John and J discussing something on the edge of Pennington Bay.
we have had friends in for drinks, eaten and drunk too much but it has been lovely and beautifully relaxing.
Off to the pub to celebrate Johns Birthday tonight, so just time to put my feet up for a while.
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