Friday, December 09, 2011

Ive been baking

This is the third Christmas cake, a bottle of rum does three cakes which John thinks is expensive but I dont. Only 2 more cakes to make and then more biscuits. The second photo, well there were more biscuits but they have been eaten. The third photo was a new recipe, not sure if I will make them again but so far the jury is out on them. They were a pain to do individually so I ended up putting them in to a slice tin.
Back to making the usual biscuits next week, biscotti and something savory.
Wet and humid today, we had about 4 mm until 9 am but a bit since then. I am so glad as the garden needs every bit it can get.
In for a coffee with a friend this afternoon, very pleasant, now to feed the dogs and chooks and organise dinner.
I need to clean the house over the week end and then put up the Christmas decorations, I usually leave it until the week before Christmas but as we leave on the 18th for kangaroo Island and our friend from Queensland comes on the 16th I had better get them done sooner rather than later, then find the ones I take with us over to the Island.
Beginning to feel as if things are coming together.
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Suztats said...

Yummy! Mmmmm. Well, if a bottle of rum makes three cakes, and there's only two more cakes in the plan, gee, I wonder what happens to that other 1/3 bottle of rum? lol
Happy Holidays.

bunks said...

The cake looks yummy. The thing about making your own is that you can put in the bits that you like to eat. I hate citron peel so the benefit of making my own is that I leave that out of it.