Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some of the decorations are up.

My feet are sore but the house is vacuumed and the little tree is up as well as another and the fireplace has its Santas and reindeer and the center of the dining room table is decorated. I havent shown the wreaths on the doors, but have run out of puff.
I have put this little tree that you cant see very well against the window for all of our married life, nearly 53 years, although when the children were small it decorated the table and we brought in a fresh tree that we cut from the pine forest, now it wouldnt fit in the house, but oh the memories of sitting on the floor early on Christmas morning with the children who had been up since very early, opening their presents, and I really dont remember them being disappointed although we had very little money then. I loved being there when presents were opened. When I was a child our presents came in a pillowcase at the end of our bed. Times change and yet they dont.
Sorry about the rather blurry last photo.
Tomorrow there is more baking to be done and the pate to make.
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Robin Mac said...

I had a pillowslip at the foot of the bed as a child also Penny. We had an Athol Pine tree always for the Christmas tree - not sure of the spelling but they grow well in Western Queensland. We carried on the tradition of the pillowslips for Santa toys for our boys, with the other gifts under an artificial tree which eventually fell apart. I just love Christmas with small children. Cheers

shirley said...

Me too Penny, even though we always had a live tree our presents were in pillowslips at the end of our beds. Before Xmas we made decorations and streamers from crepe paper, and hung balloons, and fold out paper decorations.
Children are what makes xmas so special..that is what I miss about xmas now

Suztats said...

It's looking very festive, Penny! I've just begun to decorate, and our tree isn't up yet......maybe I'll have it all done by the big day. Yes, little children with their excitement and joy make Christmas special......