Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 26th and 27th

The evening walk on Boxing day, beautiful, and the big two cats, a sailing yatcht and the ferry almost coming together, they looked incredible.
The view across the sandhills to the jetty and then the next morning, grey skies and the ferry we were to go home on, some shells off the beach, the sheep that were on our ferry and the vineyards in the middle are from the restaurant where we had lunch to celebrate the 85th birthday of its owner.
I was a bit tired and didnt actually take photos of the lunch or gathering, too busy talking, eating and drinking.
It was a great birthday party but after an early start I began to flag by about 4.30 and wanted to go home.
I think that John and J did too, He seems to have developed a problem with giddiness, they think maybe infected something, hope he gets over it.
Off to a not quite New Years Eve dinner tonight, I have cooked what I have to and bought what I think we will need. I am doing entree.
Oscar is home from the cattery and telling me he wants to go out.
sorry fellow but it is snake season and we have already seen one near the house.
All back to normal! Washing on the line, most stuff put away, shopping done early.I need another holiday.
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Robin Mac said...

Gosh Penny, I am exhaisted just reading what you have done! Lovely photos as usual. I hope you enjoyed your pre-New Year's dinner and were not too tired. Snake season is always worrying with cats isn't it. Cheers

bunks said...

Lovely photos and enjoy the New Year when it comes.