Sunday, December 18, 2011

A long day

We left home at 7.30 am having been up since 5,30 for the drive to
Cape Jervis and the ferry to Kangaroo Island, fog on the tops of the hills on the range road and some drizzle and low cloud.
The loading of the cars is always diverting as some have to back on, John who has done this trio so many times only had to drive on, this is our car about to load, it can be total chaos and often is.
The passage over was a bit rock and rolly but not too bad, at least it wasnt wet until we arrived so sitting out on top was fine, and makes me feel less sick I never sit below on any ship, no cruises for me!
We passed the other ferry half way across.
This all relates to the collage above which somehow I messed up.
Couldnt get into the house until after lunch so called in to friends and used their frig and freezer to store stuff, visited another friend and bought some lovely glass, this is my old friend and one time teacher Bernard Stoner who does such lovely stuff, always something new he gets bored doing the same things!
Lunch at a little cafe and then in and unloaded.
Now recovering, loving the view, the ferry arriving and departing and almost readfy for nibble of John's pate and some bubbles. ( these photos were taken from the front of the house, isnt this a view and a half, with the mainland barely visible over the passage, would you believe it is called Backstairs Passage!)
This is living!
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Carla said...

Enjoy your holiday on Kangaroo Island and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
Carla x