Monday, December 12, 2011

Over the week end

On Saturday I went to the market and then tried to get a plant for a friend, nothing much was open so here is the main street of Victor Harbor, one way and the other. I stood in the middle of the road to take the photo!
The bottom one I took this morning from the Anchorage across to the railway tracks to the old Telegraph Station building I was in there very early as I had a blood test at 8 am and after fasting needed a coffee.
Yesterday we went to a lunch put on by our local MP at a winery near Mt Jagged, a bit cool and windy but some lovely views and some great people to sit and talk to, all local Government friends from way back when John was Mayor.
Last night delighted in watching Smokey and the Bandit, they all smoked, no nude scenes but some of the things said would probably not be able to be said today. Amazing that I had never seen it but have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Today has been a long day, on going saga with my toe, I am now on antibiotics. Will it never end?
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Gail P said...

Gosh Penny, I'm sorry that I haven't been very good at checking in with you. You and your family have certainly had the health challeges lately. prayers sent! And as always your photos of your surroundings and creative pursuits delight. XOXO

Robin Mac said...

So sorry you are havingso much trouble with your toe Penny, hopefully the antibiotics will work and it will all be fixed before you go to Kangaroo Island. Love the photos. Cheers.