Saturday, May 15, 2010

A walk, some fabric prints and a tribute

this morning John and I walked after going to the market, over to Pt Elliott and around the path near the caravan path. I love this small walk and although we didnt see any seals, or whales, the last walk we did we saw whales, this is a cool weather walk.
We did see this small bird on top of a post, I dont know what it was and I think my photo may be too poor to identify it.
I love this small beach, called crockery bay, I think because just around the corner at least 6 sailing ships were sunk and the crockery was washed ashore here. The granite boulders still in some places have the striations and curves caused when they were formed deep in the earth.
Here are a couple of my gelatin prints done on fabric, these are round as I did them using a round cake tin as a form, the first I just splodged fabric paint on but the second one I used some cut outs from cardboard. These are experiments.
Then there is a stitchery that I dont think is quite finished. I dont really know what to do with it but originally it was to do an idea for the KISS experiment that Dijanne Cevaal had on her blog.
I have a horrible feeling I have not spelt your name correctly Dijannne!)
Any way it is all done in silk and the goldfish was a stencil.
Finally a tribute to 16 year old Jessica Watson who has just completed her around the world sail in a small boat called The Pink Lady, it took her 7 months and although lots of back up, and with computers and satellite phones more communication than many have had, it still was an incredible feat for a young female teenager to do after all when a major storm is heading your way, you are the one who has to cope with it and all the things that can go wrong.
You can google her name and find out about what she did.

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ArtPropelled said...

I'd love to go fossicking for shards at Crockery Bay. Do pieces still wash up?
Amazing story about Jessica sailing around the world at 16. I'm glad I'm not her mother. Just thinking about it gives me butterflies.
Great gelatin prints!