Thursday, May 13, 2010

A pelican, a gull and two small hooded plover

We walked on Tuesday and it was damp and windy with a high tide.
The river had broken through, or rather I think the sea had broken through to the river and there was this lone pelican standing at the opening, waiting for fish I think, with a hopeful gull and the closest I have ever got to the hooded plover who sometimes nest on this beach. they are gorgeous as the buzz along the sand.
You can se from the sea that it was quite interesting weather, and of course that now means no walks along there for a while as we cant get over the river mouth unless we park somewhere else.
Adelaide yesterday, tiring for me. I saw my mothers room and as far as I can tell they are moving her today, I hope all went well although when I sat with her she slept for a lot of the time. She can be pretty fiesty when she wants to be and we are not sure how she will manage the change but it has to be done.
House stuff today, pretty boring, although I have made some more gelatin plates so need to get on with them.
I cant remember if I said I was having a play with eco dyeing from India Flints lovely book, I keep looking at the pieces of wrapped cloth and seeing colours coming. I need to wait for at least a month!

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ArtPropelled said...

I wouldn't mind standing at the waters edge with that Pelican!