Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Morning walk

I havent been for a walk around the farm for a while and although this is strictly not around the farm tomorrows will be.
The first photos is as I walked towards the old road and shows the reeds in the neighbours creek with a yakka and a very ridged barked gum tree.
Then across the paddock towards the elms we planted by the road, all in their golden autumn brilliance. You can see from the shadows that it was fairly early in the morning.
The incredible colour the 'fat hen' has gone down one of the races, this isnt being used at the moment as all the close by paddocks have been sown, and are being very slow about coming up due to the lack of rain.
Most of the green you can see is either kikuyu grass which is a summer perrenial or perrenial rye that is just hanging on, or of course, weeds.
I thought you might like to see my 'old' hens, they decided to lay yesterday so perhaps it is just as well we havent done the darstardly deed of killing them yet. I have one little Japanese bantam rooster who thinks he is pretty smart as the others only have Japanese hens and he has 'big' ones.
Finally I stopped down the road yesterday on my way to Adelaide and photographed this dead tree which is festooned with cobwebs, we had quite a thick fog overnight and when I went past they were showing up well in the sun.
Click on the photo to see them better.
I have, as well as going for a walk, made more biscuits and tried to get some stuff together to take with me, as well as plant out the pansies and wash, normal washing and some rusted baby wipes who are now inside asking me what on earth I am going to do with them.
They can wait until we come home.
I love going away, I just hate all the tidying up and getting organised before and then the unpacking and washing etc when we come home.

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