Sunday, May 02, 2010

TAST 7 & 8

These havent scanned terribly well but these are my TAST stitches from Sharon B's pintangle (see my side bar) our weekly stitch to do. The top one is week 7 Rope Stitch and the bottom very small and not showing up very well is week 8 Fancy hem stitch.
I did these while I was in Queensland, now to get on with week 9 before Tuesday and I am late again.
We arrived home safely after a long day.
Yesterday was even longer as I shopped and washed and generally put away and tidied up and today was our Welsh Foal show in the Adelaide hills.
To say I didnt want to go is an understatement, I didnt want to get out of bed and my body ached, I was late and I got lost, it is about an hour or more from home, lots of traffic but our foals did relatively well so we were pleased.
I have this feeling that I have far too much "stuff" and it will only get worse. I think that is the tired me talking as I would never normally feel like that.

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