Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Coffin Bay photos

The first is a small arrangement I made of the bits and pieces that grabbed my imagination on my walk along the beach this morning, interesting rocks and shells and driftwood.
Then last nights sunset from the balcony, it is such a stunning view and every night it is different.
Where else would you find a fish cleaning table in the water as the tide was coming in, rocks, sea and a table, lovely.
Finally two oyster catchers who I caught on the rocks at the point, they looked a bit embarrassed when I took their photo.
I had seen evidence of their meals as I walked along the beach, dismembered sea urchins in a lot of places. They obviously love them.
I really love the oyster catchers with their bright red beaks.
This afternoon M and I collected another friend and went around to S and B's for lunch, a lovely fresh pizza and salad and wine sitting on their deck looking at sea and island and more sea, clouds and sand hills and not a soul in sight.
How lucky are we, and we are enjoying every moment of this glorious weather.

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ArtPropelled said...

So many memories are attached to our pebble and shell collections. Even looking at yours I immediately think of happy holidays at the beach. Very useful to have a table in the sea :-)

shirley said...

You will be sad to leave this beautiful place when it is time to go home. I can still remember where I picked up various shells on beaches round Australia.

Wanda..... said...

You are very lucky Penny...that's funny...Lucky Penny...I imagine in Australia you have the same tradition about finding a penny!

I collect things on my walks also!