Friday, February 27, 2009

Images of Melbourne

The first is of Dale and Ian Rollerson and their Thread Studio site at the Australian Quilt Convention at the Royal Exhibition Building. I think I may have been one of the first customers and there was no one there so a good opportunity to get the photo. I spent a lot of money there and really didnt seem to have all that much to show for it when I got home but I did buy the double trouble dvd and a couple of the Fibrefusion books I didnt have, and for their size they are expensive but have lots of lovely ideas that one day I just may put to good use. I also saw the Connections embellisher challenge that Dale had organised. Lots of lovely stuff there only I had trouble reading names.
The next photo is of a city building through I think a plane tree in the Carlton Gardens, I was rally pleased with this shot. Then the but of a huge coastal banksia just down from where the children live and finally the smoke with a cumulus cloud above it taken from the Cheltenham railway station on Monday afternoon. There was a smoke haze over the city the whole time we were there and I was glad we were near the sea as there were fresher winds there.
Lovely to see the children and grand children, we all came together at night while we wandered around and didnt do very much, just a nice break and John got quite a lot of rest as his stitches have been uncomfortable.


bunks said...

I like both of the tree pictures. The first picture would make a good jigsaw puzzle.

downunderdale said...

good picture Penny and I had trouble seeing anything in the exhibition too - a bit of lighting would not have gone astray! You have to be greatful they gave us the opportunity but Ian looked behind our wall and saw darkness....